Monday, October 13, 2008


If you had food from a Chinese TakeOut it does,You ever notice how theres like 300things on that Menu ? Well besides my Beef & Broccoli or my 1/2 Chicken Pork Fried Rice & a few other meals I dont have a fucking clue ? What the rest of it is.Well you know the saying people eat with there eyes & apparently the owner of INAMO which is a Chinese Fusion Restaurant, Made sure his customers could see anything in the menu they wanted by installing an interactive ordering system right on the table

Yeah Thats right the whole table is a huge interactive menu to illustrate the Dishes & Drinks,But its more than that you could also set the mood to whatever you like,Discover the neighborhood & even order a taxi right from the your table

The bad part is the Chinos from around my old way will never get this shit !! LMAO
They would have to be chained to the floor because niggaz would try to run out with one of them tables.


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